How Did I Get From There to Here?

Q – I have seen myself as a Relater/Organizer for as long as I can remember. Yet through my CORE MAP facilitation, I discovered that I am actually a Commander/Entertainer.  How could I have been so off the mark for my entire life?

I found the traits listed for Commander and Entertainer so much more appealing, desirable and energizing than the traits for Relater and Organizer. Why didn’t I know that before?  I’ve always envied people who expressed as positive Commanders and Entertainers, but never considered that I envied them and wanted to be like them because that was my true nature.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to know that I am actually a Commander/Entertainer.  People who know me can see that something is different and I want to explain the amazing journey I have taken from lost to found, but I’m not sure how I got there. Can you explain how I got from the old inauthentic me that I struggled with to the new me that feels so deliciously right? 


A  – CORE MAP is a system for discovering the true self, not a one dimensional assessment that simply reflects what an individual believes, even when the belief is erroneous. Assessments which do that are simply reporting the mask of acceptance we put on as children and the results of such assessments just validate the misconception. It’s a real travesty too because we can never be great until we are authentic and we can never be authentic until we take off that mask and discover who we really are.

Everyone loves their true nature and is energized by it, and everyone is drained to some extent when they are functioning from a conditioned style.

The CORE MAP system looks at an individual from five angles, two of which come through the facilitator. The five angles are (1) current self-perception, (2) current functioning, (3) current development levels and coping patterns, (4) non-verbal presentation of self and (5) verbal narratives. Computers are not yet sophisticated enough to do the last two effectively, and may never be, which is why we teach these skills to our coaches and why CORE MAP is a facilitated assessment.

Part 1 of CORE MAP reports current self-perception. When non-verbal presentation and what you report verbally point in a different direction, that direction is always explored. Your non-verbal presentation is clearly extroverted as are your verbal narratives. Both Relater and Organizer are introverts.

Self perception becomes flawed when we are very young, which is why during our consultation I asked you about family dynamics when you were young.  The answers you gave to the questions I asked led me to explore the apparent options with you. Your energy, both nonverbal and reported, around Commander and Entertainer, as compared to Relater and Organizer, made it quite clear that C/E was your natural state. Your energetic responses to the four styles are very accurate reflections of your truth.

The development patterns in part 3 of CORE MAP show how all four trait sets have been affected by conditioning and your patterns around Relater and Organizer suggested a lot of stress in relation to those styles.  By exploring the reasons for the stress, it was clear that you adopted those styles due to conditioning. Your post-facilitation report reflects your truth rather than your conditioning.

We got from the conditioned place to authentic one based on your responses to questions and your nonverbal and energetic responses. But how you got there isn’t as important as how you feel there.  Transitioning from conditioned confinement to authentic freedom is a wonderful and exhilarating journey. Just being aware of your authentic self can affect positive changes which you feel and others can see. You can speed your progress in developing your natural traits to their highest potential by enlisting the help of a good Quantum Leap Coach. 

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