The CORE Types


There are Two Extroverted Types and Two Introverted Types

The Extroverts are Commander and Entertainer

Extroverts approach life boldly and are initiators (that is, they make things happen), but they seek out different things and initiate in different ways.

Commander, the extroverted thinking type, seeks and initiates action where Entertainer, the extroverted feeling type, seeks and initates interaction.

Commander  – Seeks and initiates action, meets challenges, gets results, achieves goals, makes things happen, solves problems or in some other way moves things toward an outcome.  Commanders are driven to get things done.

Entertainer – Seeks and initiates interaction – meets, interacts and communicates with people, takes action around getting self and others involved, inspires, motivates, entertains or in some other way moves people toward an outcome. Also, seeks out experiences that allow interaction with the many aspects of life.  Entertainers are driven to get connected to people and experiences.


The Introverts are Organizer and Relater

Introverts approach life and people cautiously and are the caretakers of the world, but they take care of different things.

Organizer, a thinking type, is driven to take care of things – attends to details, makes sure things are right, corrects mistakes, watches out for problems (things that might go wrong). Organizer is driven to get things right.


, a feeling type, is driven to take care of people – attends to the needs of others, makes sure they are alright, supports and encourages, watches out for problems (things that might cause people pain or discomfort).  Relater is driven to get along with others.