Right-Brain Types in a Left-Brain World

Q – When I am feeling pressured my mind goes into mass confusion. This has caused me problems all my life, in school, in business, everywhere. This often happens when I feel like I am being judged. Also, I get upset when people fail to see my logic, or don’t understand me and I think they should, which seems to happen a lot. Confused2

 A – Brain scramble or mass confusion generally occurs as a result of being a right-brain person trying to conform to a left-brain world. It’s the result of trying to make your brain work in linear fashion when it is wired to function in a more circular, relational or associative fashion. Entertainers are right-brain processors.

The reason you experience what feels like mass confusion when you feel like you are being judged is because one of Entertainer’s highest needs is to be appreciated. Right-brain people in a left-brain world often get negative feedback because they are not acting the way the LBs think they should. You grew up in a world where your free spirit and quick mind didn’t fit the prescribed norms so, as with most Entertainers (especially Entertainer males) you were frequently being judged. Right-brain people (Entertainer and Relater) are also people-oriented, feeling types and are highly aware of the feedback they get from people. Because their brains don’t follow the linear path of Left-brain types and because the left-brain types are the ones who set up schools, business rules and the society we live in, right-brain types are frequently aware of being judged and frequently struggle to fit in.

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